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At REDSTONE we can offer you different frame solutions that fit your needs.  Whether you are looking to start a brand new building or add on to an existing structure, we can help.  The options below will help you decide which 

Clear Span Frame 

  • No interior columns

  • Utilize entire amount of floor space in building

  • Useful for warehouses and manufacturing facilities where floor space is premium

  • Flush or bypass girts

Multi-Span Frame 

  • Interior columns reduce cost

  • Used on buildings too large for clear span

  • Useful for retail and residential buildings where columns can often be hidden in interior walls

  • Flush or bypass girts

Mono Slope Frame 

  • Often used for retail buildings

  • Storefront can be appled to high side to keep roof hidden

  • Permits roof drainage to go to one side of building

  • Flush or bypass girts

Lean to Frame 

  • Can be added to other frames

  • Low cost way to add floor space

  • Useful for agricultural buildings for equipment storage

  • Flush or bypass girts

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