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REDSTONE pre-engineered buildings offer many benefits

  • Countless design options

  • Quick construction

  • Structural integrity that will stand the test of time

Another added benefit in choosing to build with a steel building is that it can be designed to allow for further expansion in the future.  This is exclusive to steel frames and can not be duplicated by traditional wood framed structures.


Steel structures also allow the capability to add-on to an existing wood structure that may not allow for a traditional expansion with other materials.  With the growing size of agricultural equipment the need for larger overhead doors is becoming a necessity.  Steel easily allows for larger than normal door spans which a wood frame would not be able to accomodate.

Our buildings are professionally designed and engineered to your specifications and you local building codes. Redstone can also provide stamped drawings and documents to assist in the permit process.



Redstone is proud to specify metal building components from Central States Manufacturing for its buildings. To view color options, go to:


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